Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Woodland Violet

I finally got a chance to make something for myself! I've been waiting for the right project for this woodland themed cotton viole. The fabric was purchased through Spoonflower by Lydia Meiying.

It pretty much has every sweet woodland creature ever = please take my money and give me the fabrics, k thanxs. The pattern is Colette Patterns Violet Blouse and is my second go around. My first Violet is cute but there were a ton of changes that needed to happen for my smaller, narrow shouldered frame.

- Narrowed the shoulder. I basically traced the armhole for a size 0, then brought it in another half inch.
- Brought up the arm scythe by half an inch. The original armhole felt too large and I couldn't lift my arms without bringing up the whole blouse. By bringing up the arm scythe, basically closer to my armpit, I have much more freedom to move my arms.
- Traced a size 0 in the collar and graded out to a size 6 in the bust and body.

The fit of the blouse is loose and flows away from the bust. In my next iteration, I could grade down a couple sizes in the body. I think I'll also bring up the hemline since it looks a little long for my 4'11" body, lol. I had the hardest time deciding on buttons but eventually I went with these bright gold 5/8" buttons. I think it adds a touch of classiness. Overall, I really love this blouse, and its even better that the fabric is so darn adorable, look at it! *swoon*

close up of woodland fabric
also the owls are judging you

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